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28 | 07 | 2015
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Tourist guides for download malaga

Get off the guide of Malaga which best suits your time, here also find utility planes.

8 hours in Málaga
Description: Places of Interest for Malaga in one day. Museums, monuments, streets and places of interest.

Málaga in two days
Description: Tour of the main monuments, museums, streets, dining and shopping areas for Malaga in two days.

Málaga in three days
Description: visit Malaga for three days. Learn about monuments, museums, streets, dining areas and more.

Easter week 2013
Description: Visit the great Holy Week in Malaga, live moments of exceptional beauty and emotion throughout the city.
Descarga: semana_santa_2013.pdf

Plano Guía
Description: includes hotels.

Plano tour guide
Description: includes list of museums
Malaga tourist guide
Descriptión: There is a place that flatters the Mediterranean, where elemental land loses its value, where the water drops to need a slave and turns your liquid reverberant amplitude mirror, which reflects all that is there real light.

Route botanica in Malaga
Descripción: Malaga has a rich and spectacular botanical heritage that as all inheritance is the result of a long and loving dedication. This route offers a trip through paradise, a visit to environments that bring together in one place a splendid and varied collection of botanical species.
Routa Monumental in Málaga
Descriptión: Walk along this path, Malaga's history, from Roman times to the present, nearly 3000 years of history in our streets. Time to complete: no visits inside museums and monuments 2 hours with visits inside four hours.

Routa romance in Málaga
Descripción: This peculiar route will move to the era of bourgeois and noble Malaga late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Enjoy the city from a horse. Estimated time: 45 minutes

Routa path and water in Malaga.
Descripción: Conozca personajes ilustres relacionados con la ciudad de Málaga mientras escucha de fondo el sonido del agua al caer en las abundantes fuentes de la ciudad. Duración estimada: 2 horas.

Cathedral churches sacred religios route, ...
Descriptión: From the Church of the Martyrs to the Santuario de la Victoria, with the Cathedral of the Incarnation as a major milestone, stroll enjoying art-historical gems. Time to complete: no visits inside museums and monuments 2 hours and 45 minutes, with visits inside 5 hours and 45 minutes.

Traditional Málaga
Descriptión: Perfume Soak the nineteenth century Malaga. Sit by Hans Christian Andersen and follow in his footsteps by Cenachero or the Museum of Arts and Popular Customs, to the nineteenth-century urban settings.

Picassiana Málaga
Descriptión: Discover family and artistic environment of the early years of the great artist, and that Malaga is the birthplace of Pablo Ruiz Picasso. Time to complete: no visits inside museums and monuments 2 hours with visits inside 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Route Contemporary
Descriptión: Malaga, open and cosmopolitan city has essentially always been destined to a multiculturalism that keeps constantly changing. Following this route that begins in the now internationally recognized CAC Málaga (Contemporary Art Center) will have the opportunity to enjoy a rich proposal exhibitions and public sculptures of renowned national and international artists that put the city at the height of the modern metropolis Europe.

Stop over in Malaga.
Descriptión: Málaga at your leisure

Malaga city of museums
Descriptión: Meet the 29 museums that you can visit in Málaga.
Descarga: museos_museums.pdf




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